About Me

After receiving training at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute.  I graduated in 1998 with over 700 hours of coursework in massage therapy techniques, wellness, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. 

My focus is on providing Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Swedish Massage is a system of long strokes, kneading, friction, percussion and vibration on the more superficial muscle layers combined with active and passive movement of the joints to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and range of motion and relieve muscle tension.  Deep Tissue is a system through which chronic patterns of tension are released in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on contracted areas, either following or going across the grain of muscles, tendons and fascia.

However, as part of my studies, I learned elements of the following techniques as well which are often incorporated into my Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages as appropriate for the client:

Cranial Sacral:  a technique for finding and correcting cerebral and spinal imbalances and blockages that may cause sensory, motor or intellectual dysfunction.

Reflexology:  a system organized around stimulating points on the hands and feet that are thought to correspond or “reflex” to all areas of the body thereby affecting the whole body.

Professional Organizations & Affiliations:

Member of the American Massage Therapy Association

Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Illinois